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Kind & Conscious

Bee Cell White

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  • Multiple strap configurations
  • Spacious interior with top zip
  • Leather handle and tabs
  • Interior dividers
  • Stainless strap loops
  • Double stitched construction
  • Water-resistant

  • Bee Cell Charcoal Grey

    Bee Cell Charcoal Grey

  • Bee Block Mini White

    Bee Block Mini White

  • Beepot Large - White

    Beepot Large - White

  • The Bee Bar

    The Bee Bar

  • Hedgehog Link

    Hedgehog Link

  • Lime Bird Ball Peanut Feeder

    Lime Bird Ball Peanut Feeder

  • Zero Waste Gardening

    Zero Waste Gardening

  • Gardens For The Soul

    Gardens For The Soul

  • Colourful Mountains

    Colourful Mountains

  • Flowers With Faces

    Flowers With Faces